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Julius Gy Fabos

During my first visit to Portugal in 1984, I had the good fortune to meet Professor Cabral – an extraordinary man by any standard. As a past president of the International Federation of Landscape Architects, his name was known to me before my trip to Portugal. More importantly, two Portuguese friends of mine – the late Professor Manuel Sousa da Câmara and Teresa Andersen – related their respect for this man to me, a figure whom they honoured in the same way that Americans honour Frederick Law Olmsted, Sr., the founder of landscape architecture in the United States of America.
Nothing could give a more accurate comparison than Frederick Law Olmsted, Sr. to Francisco Caldeira Cabral. Both were first to practice and establish the profession of landscape architecture in their respective countries. Both were powerful leaders, innovators, teachers and prolific practitioners. Each of them commanded tremendous respect from their followers and their countrymen, who have benefited from their vision and professional contribution.

Extracted from Andersen, Teresa (2001), Francisco Caldeira Cabral, LDT monographs Nº 3, Surrey, UK.